SELECTIVE SCIENCE: Same progressives who believe glyphosate causes cancer refuse to believe that atrazine causes changes in gender expression

Alt-Left liberals have their own set of “facts” for just about every issue, and they usually don’t comport with real facts. Nowhere is that more true than in science, where liberals often reject sound, replicable studies in favor of their own political/ideological worldview.

In late January, talk show host and Infowars founder Alex Jones cited studies proving that atrazine – the principle chemical in many herbicides – acts as a “chemical castrator” for certain species, thereby changing their gender and altering the species, especially in certain species of frogs.

As reported by Mike Adams, the Health Ranger, at, Jones was attacked after making the connection during a recent broadcast, though he – not his critics – was exactly right.

“As the lab science director of CWC Labs, I not only conduct mass spec analyses of pesticides and herbicides in foods, but I also have access to a massive library of published books describing the toxic effects of hundreds of different pesticides. Atrazine is widely documented as a ‘powerful chemical castrator’ that transforms males into hermaphrodites, the animal kingdom version of a ‘metrosexual.’ It’s also widely present in the U.S. water supply. It is undoubtedly one of the chemicals currently responsible for the mass feminization of men in modern society.” (RELATED: Reduce Pest Infestation Of Your Marijuana Plants With Natural Products)

Adams went on to republish an excerpt from the book, “Our Daily Poison – From Pesticides to Packaging, How Chemicals Have Contaminated the Food Chain and Are Making Us Sick (click here).

As Natural News has often reported, atrazine is also known to cause birth defects.

In the book noted above, Adams said one of the most incredible passages is as follows, at it relates to the findings of Tyrone Hayes, a brilliant scientist who has studied how atrazine affects the endocrine systems of males:

We observed that atrazine reduced the size of the larynx, which is the voice box in the males. Since they sing to seduce the females, this meant they were sexually handicapped. We also observed very low levels of testosterone among the adult males; some of them were hermaphrodites, which means they had both ovaries and testes. In certain cases, the males became homosexuals and coupled with other males, adopting a feminized behavior; sometimes they had eggs in their testes instead of sperm. Ultimately, atrazine acted as a very powerful chemical castrator that is biologically active at 1 ppb, and even 0.1 ppb.

That’s not conjecture or supposition – that comes from directly measuring the effects of atrazine on male endocrine and reproductive systems. (RELATED: We have launched two news websites covering all this: and We already run as well.)

In 2010 we reported on a study linking atrazine to the human birth defect known as gastroschisis, a condition in which a newborn’s intestines partially develop outside the body. Sometimes, other organs are similarly affected as well, according to researchers from the University of Washington at Seattle, who examined all infants born with the condition between 1987 and 2006.

“They found that cases of gastroschisis were most common in infants whose mothers lived less than 16 miles from areas where surface water was highly contaminated with atrazine,” we reported. “Women who had given birth in the springtime between March and May, when atrazine is used most often,were found to be more likely to have a child with disease.”

As they do with the global warming hoax, the Alt-Left prefers to ignore facts and science to advance their personal agendas. The attack on Jones – and similar attacks on Adams over the years – have their roots in opposition to these indy media pioneers and their zeal to report the truth, no matter who is made to feel uncomfortable.

J.D. Heyes is a senior writer for and, as well as editor of The National Sentinel.


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